Saturday, June 29, 2013

We were WHERE last night?

Bet you are wondering why in the world Joel is sitting in a hospital bed hooked up to fluids and not ME!? Well, funny story actually... ;]

It all started late at night, Joel just got off the phone with a buddy and I just took a bath to get nice and relaxed. Then all of a sudden, out of no where, Joel starts saying how he doesn't feel good and throws up. [Mind you, this is right after I spent the whole day on my hands and knees cleaning the bathrooms lol. Joy.] So that doesn't make him feel any better and he starts saying how he feels like his throat is closing up and his tongue is swelling and he needs to go to the hospital immediately. At this point... I am trying to not get myself worked up but its safe to say I was a little freaked out. So we hop in the truck and head to the hospital. The whole way there he is super anxious telling me I need to go faster as if he is going to go into anaphylactic shock and I am gonna have to magically pull out an EpiPen to save his life! We make it to the hospital where he was saying how he felt light headed like he was going to pass out so the guy at the desk sits him in a wheel chair. Now, another marine was coming down to bring him up but he also brought a wheel chair... so get this... a wife, 39 weeks pregnant, is pushing her grown husband in a wheel chair next to a marine pushing an EMPTY wheel chair to the emergency room in the wee hours of the night. I just about died laughing when finally half way to the emergency room the guy asked if I wanted him to push Joel... Um YES DUDE unless you want to push both of us in wheel chairs after I go into labor hehe. Anyways, we get up to the urgent care/emergency room and he tells the nurse whats going on and we wait for the doctor. Finally, the doctor comes and asks, "Are you an anxious person? Do you normally have panic attacks? Is there anything that you would be nervous about or that would stress you out?" 

So that was the verdict... a good ol fashion panic attack. 

And to think I thought it was funny to be pushing him around in a wheel chair before... NOW it was hilarious. Both of us were seriously cracking up. Now, I would be mean if I didn't at least say that in his defense, he was dehydrated and hardly ate much all day so that didn't help and his pain meds for his back already make him jittery and anxious anyways. However... I think its a little ironic that someone is about to be a daddy any minute and all of a sudden has a certified panic attack out of no where lol.
As we were sitting there waiting for what always seems like forever at that hospital, I started getting some contractions which made things EVEN funnier. How terrible it would have been to go into labor during all of that, talk about a hilarious birth story =] I think we will laugh about this for many many years to come, and I think it will only get funnier with time, and each time I tell this story I will probably blow it way out of proportion [for the pure fact that I really don't think he was panicking over having a daughter at all] but it just makes it such a great story to tell when thats the case =]

In the end, we are all alive and breathing over here! So hopefully the next post is about a hospital trip that sends us home a family of 3... or should I say 4, Oakley will always be our little baby lol.

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