Sunday, December 15, 2013

[[Five Months of Faith]]

Likes: Faith absolutely positively LOVES to jump. All day long she is a jumping bean! Since we started solids she likes everything we've given her, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, bananas, and apples! Starting to see her have preferences (tried to feed her peas, kept turning her head till she got some apples! Spoiled.) Still likes car rides! My favorite "like" that she has is her love of mama's singing =] Literally the second the words "hush little baby...." come out of my mouth, her eyes are heavy and all is right in her world! The trick to getting her to sleep is singing that song and bouncing her, not rocking... just bouncing. And she's out like a light! Lastly, she goes crazy over gnawing on an apple in one of those mesh pacifier looking things.

Dislikes: The moment we leave the room. As if we have walked out the door, got in the car, and drove off without her. She's starting to not like her swing as much, though I can't figure out if her hatred is for going down for a nap or the swing... maybe both... either way... her screams test my patience more than I ever thought they would!

Milestones: Big month! Started eating solids this month, really reaching for things and grabbing them, and she is starting to sit up on her own, with my hands 2 inches away from her of course, but she's not totally folded over like a taco... well, not the whole time at least.... just when she gets tired of it =] 

"You all like the smell of christmas trees... I like the taste!"

Don't want to forget: This is probably something a normal human would not wish to remember however our reaction was so priceless I wish someone was recording it! We were decorating our first real Christmas tree and Faith was just bouncing away in her chair and she just starting ripping em! Went to pick her up and there was s*** EVERYWHERE. Did one of those "hold the baby as far away from you as possible" holds and ran up the stairs to get her in the bath, her door was closed so Im yelling for Joel "JOEL HURRY GET THE DOOR!" he comes up gets the door and I get her shirt and pants off just covered in crap and then got to the REAL deal. The diaper. I have never in my life seen so much poop in a little tinnie tiny baby! Joel and I were just franticly trying to figure out our next move breaking down each step to each other "alright you get the bath going" "you  hold her Ill pull her pants off" "you get the washer going and wash the bouncer and these clothes" "you do the diaper I can't do this poop" << mind you those were not my words.... imagine my face when he said that haha! You had to be there, but it was hilarious... she was just content as ever =]

I love being this little girls mama!

"Im gonna eat your nose Mom!"

7-7:30am - Wake up and pump
8:00am - Faith wakes up, Bottle feed
11:00am - Bottle feed and Solids
2-2:30pm - Bottle feed
3:30pm - Pump
5:30-6pm - Bottle feed and Solids
8:30pm - Last bottle feed
10:30-11pm - Pump

Her schedule has finally let up a little! We are down to 5 feedings which is pretty nice I must say! Along with only 3 pumpings in a day, I am a happy camper! Its crazy, absolutely crazy to be able to go out and do something and not have this insane schedule to work through and only have like a half an hour to get somewhere and back... this little bit of freedom is life changing! Also, being that I am able to sleep through the night.... my goodness... no words. All that hard work keeping my supply going has totally paid off. Still pump about 48 oz which is still well over what she needs so soon I will be pumping twice a day and feeding her everything she needs still... WHAAAT?? I am finally at the point where I don't mind pumping at all, and so now I feel like, what do I have all this excess stored up for when I can just continue doing this??... Im losing calories and keeping the milk fresh! I will probably stop in a couple months and use the stored up stuff so she can get breastmilk till she is one when she switches to vitamin d milk =]

Throwback to Thanksgiving at the Beards!

[[Post Edit: If you do read this part... know that I talk rant about pumping so much because I am so proud of what I accomplished! And I can only hope to keep other mamas motivated to push through the hard work to get an insane supply!... also I may need to see this encouragement for baby #2 when that happens and Im at my wits end and want to quit =] ]]
This is what I have stored at Joels parents house... and this was only from a few weeks of being there... about 1300 oz there, and unfortunately the 350 oz or so here will go to waste along with all that other milk Ive pumped and dumped since we will be moving back to AZ in a month or so will go "bad" in about a month anyways =[ Id say Im a milk making machine and am VERY proud of my body... almost feel stupid for putting so much pressure on myself over it... but... I guess this is how I got to where I am, I put in some serious work! 

[[Seriously though... no wonder I dropped weight fast... Just in the estimated stored up milk I have, Ive burned 33,000 calories! If I take it another step and add up her daily intake of milk since she was born thats about 110,000 calories which is roughly 700 calories burned every day.... NOT including 2 months I had to pump and DUMP all my extra...! When I was making about 70-80 oz a day that was about 1500 calories. JUST BREAST FEEDING!]] If I could go back I would seriously just appreciate that I was burning all those calories just by sitting there for about 20 minutes instead of complaining about how much I hated it... Also would have let myself sleep through the night instead of setting my alarm to wake up in the middle of the night after those first 12 weeks when the supply is supposedly "established" I was just SO fearful of losing the supply and theres not a lot of information on exclusively pumping so I was winging it... Im now down to sitting here for about 10 minutes and getting 16 oz out... It is safe to say, I have been BLESSED. The only complaint I have now is that I don't fit in shirts like I used to... I miss having small tata's. My heart still goes out to all the women with big boobs, rough life! I take back the day I "wished for bigger boobs". And thank the heavens I never got a boob job.

Alright. This became a novel. Enough.

Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, November 18, 2013

[[Four months of Faith]]

Likes: HAS to have something in her face when she sleeps, so for a while we would have her buried in blankets but my dad (the worrier) wasn't a fan so now we have one of those little tiny cloths that have the animal on the top... um... I don't even know how to explain those things... but whatever, she sleeps with it now and dads not so worried anymore. Win. She also has a thing for fans and the glowing pumpkin at Nana's! When the TV is on, she is glued. Especially if baby mozart is on! Since we got back home we watch cartoons with Faith and Joel and I will just forget to change the channel until we realize we have been watching Doc Mcstuffins for 20 minutes after Faith fell asleep.... OOPS.... Timeeee for your check up, timeee for your check up! ;] 

Dislikes: Being tired. Having a full diaper. And gas. I really don't blame her.

Milestones: Full on laughs! The most precious sound EVER! She also rolls to her side and almost on her belly! Can, however, roll from her belly to her back. She can grab things better now and will grab my thumbs and stand up. Im willing to bet she will be walking and talking early =] She's already basically got the talking thing down pat. Im going to have my hands SO full! Lastly she is almost sitting up on her own, still folded over like a little taco but holds herself up pretty well I'd say! She reaches for Oakley now and started smiling at him =] Ahh I love seeing her personality come out.

Things I don't want to forget: At 15 weeks she was making this gurgling noise in her throat and we would go back and forth and she would laughhhh and laughhhh! Then the one morning when I was pumping she was in the pack-and-play making the noise and cracking herself up =] I was dying! We definitely know she is ticklish and she still likes the bink but is starting to spit it out a lot more, but yet has a hard time falling asleep without it... HMMMMM?? This is also the month we came back home to surprise daddy which was a success! He was shocked!

Finally big enough! =]


I love when we match. The first thing I was excited for when I found out I was having a girl was matching outfits! =]

So happy to see this face =] We missed daddy like crazy!

Monday, October 21, 2013

[[Three months of Faith]]

At Three Months we...

Flew across the country

Met our 6 month old aunt

Went to daycare for the first time

And got to see a horse for the first time! Not that we were too into the horse up close and personal... Im willing to bet we will warm up soon =]

Being back in Arizona definitely makes me appreciate the hubby ten times more. Its exhausting not having another pair of hands. Not that the family isn't a huge help, its just not the same without daddy! Its especially hard to keep up with blogging, when I finally get a minute to relax all I want to do is sit on the couch and turn my brain off. I know, boo hoo. It is getting a little easier as Faith gets more coordinated and is becoming entertained by toys now. Trying to keep a baby, with the attention span of about 30 seconds, entertained by your talking and bouncing and facial expressions alone is ridiculously tiring! Boy oh boy I cant wait for her to be able to grab toys and sit up on her own.... then Im sure Ill be missing her long naps! Really need to take a moment to appreciate her littleness =] I am loving that her personality is starting to come out, she smiles all the time and is SO talkative. Her cry is still the funniest thing sometimes, I feel like I have got each cry pretty much deciphered now! I love it when she starts getting crazy fussy and Im like, "Oh she's just tired" and then 10 seconds later she yawns, Im like, NAILED IT! ;]

Completely did NOT stay updated on her 3 month post, I mean I've been a little on the busy side... All I know for sure is, at three months we are...
Missing Daddy <3

The schedule fluctuates but this is what our days look like basically! Faith is starting to sleep longer for her afternoon nap which is great, will be easier to transition her when we start lessening the feedings!

3:30-4:00am- Pump
5-5:30am- Goooood morning Faith
7:30am- Pump
8:00am- Feed
11:00am- Feed
11:30am- Pump
3:00pm- Feed
3:30pm- Pump
6:00pm- Feed and bath every other night
7:30pm- Pump
9:00pm- Feed and down for the night
9:30pm- Pump and GOOD NIGHT

By the end of the day Faith has eaten about 25-28 ounces and I have pumped about 70-80 ounces... Hoarding milk like my life depended on it. Thank the heavens for deep freezers! Hoping to be done pumping in 2 months or so. It will be the happiest day of my life. Seriously. By the end of the week I should have about 2 months worth of milk stocked up... and thats just what I accumulated over the past 3-4 weeks! Woah!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dating Faith [[Picnic in the Park]]

Since Faith and I will be without Joel for about 3 or so months while I (fingers crossed, prayers requested!!) get a job in Arizona, we were trying to figure out something to do as a family that was inexpensive. So what better thing to do than go have a picnic in the park! Especially on a day like today, it was sooo nice out with little humidity and cool weather =] We are gonna miss daddy while we are away, so I made sure to get tons of pictures of them together! He is even going to take her on a daddy daughter date tomorrow so I can pack (in peace ;]) and get the laundry and whatnot done =] 

It's amazing how much of an impact the military has had on us... my dad just pointed out the other day that we are totally ok with being apart from one another for such a long time and that its totally not normal haha... which made me think about it and question why its not as hard as most would think it would be, and I realized that we are just used to it really, not that Joel has been on a million deployments but when we first started going through time apart between boot camp, schooling, work ups, and the deployment, I got out all of my crazed frustrations and learned how to cope without him... really benefited us in the long run (not that I saw it as a "growing" experience at the time... it was more of a nightmare then lol) so I see this time apart as just another "growing" experience and am ready to learn about my capabilities... especially with a baby this time! We will surely miss each other but understand that providing for our growing family is a must and jobs don't just fall into your lap on a daily basis... Plus we are in the 21st century... theres a thing called Skype ;] Woop woop!

Speaking of going to Arizona, I just have to point out how great our God is! I cannot even believe how he has had his hand in all of this from the moment Joel found out he wasn't going to reenlist. Not too soon after I posted the blog about getting out of the Marine Corps one of my best friends from middle school contacted me and told be about a job opportunity at her office! I am so hopeful my interview goes well next week and I can call my self an admissions/enrollment advisor at B.E.S.T.! Everything about it is so great and works so well for me its like I hand picked the job myself! Plus, just a little added bonus, I get my schooling paid for... ummm yes please! Then she tells me she has someone who can babysit for me come December, so that Im not basically paying rent at a daycare! And as if God hasn't done enough, the daycare my dad takes my little sister to has a wait list so I call around hoping I find something that has an opening otherwise I wouldn't be starting work anytime soon, and then come to find out there is a place that JUST got 5 spots open right away and half off registration and first week only $100 bucks... YAY! I don't know if I am putting enough emphasis on how much all of these things seriously impact the future, but it is honestly the most incredible feeling knowing God is hard at work in your life making sure you are provided for <3

Not too shabby for a self timer! Ten seconds is really fast let me tell you! Click and RUNN! Anywho, I think its a decent family photo =] ...minus my necklace that didn't quite make it during that whole "run" thing haha

...The reality of a baby at a picnic...
Just kidding hehe she was really good just a little angry that she lost her bink ;]

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Clean life [[Part 1]]

Let me begin by saying, most of society is crap. When I wasn't following along on Instagram and blogs with what I like to call, "The Clean Eaters of America", I was sucked into a world of lies. I can't even tell you how many times I see and hear "Heres a fab diet that will make you lose 7 pounds in 7 days", "Lose the fat FAST by juice fasting", "Buy this *insert some workout equipment* and you will have a 6 pack in no time at all". All of these gimmicks to make people think they will have the body they want with some magical weight loss joke. I say this because I have fallen for it PLENTY of times. "Oh maybe if I do a juice fast for a month I'll lose those extra few pounds I've been dying to get rid of, or maybe if I get Body by Vi, that will do the trick, or maybe just maybe if I cut out all sweets I'll be fit again"...

Here's the reality... 
  • Juice fasting can be great for a detox or a spiritual fast but it is not a lifestyle, you will end up going back to your normal ways of eating and in a matter of a couple of days you will have gained all that weight back because you have not established healthy lifestyle that works for you and trust me its not something you are a pro at overnight. Im no pro.
  • Body by vi and any other meal replacement diets are once again not lifestyle options... (Do not get me wrong, body by vi can be fine if you are using it for some kind of protein drink in between meals or after a workout, sure, but you can also just get a big ol' tub of regular protein powder for half the price or just get your proteins and nutrients from your food... your call.) The problem with the weight loss programs that offer special drinks and food to help you lose weight is that you and I both know we will never just live off of a drink and we will never consistently wait for our Nutrisystem to come in the mail and eat that food and ONLY that food for the rest of our lives. 
  • Cutting certain foods out of your diet is only setting yourself up for failure... you will not go your entire life without having some kind of sweets... you are human... and you will only feel guilty if you eat something you vowed not to eat. *Just the other day I was at Sam's club and they had their little sample stands and there it was, a bite sized raspberry cheesecake calling my name, so guess what, I ATE IT, and didn't feel bad about it because first of all I didn't overindulge in an entire cake and second of all I know that I am human and, well... I like raspberry cheesecake. 
Notice a trend? Extreme dieting is not the answer. I am sure you have heard all of this once before, but I think we tend to forget that the quick "fixes" don't work, we are just hopeful maybe it will be different this time. The only way to successfully lose/maintain weight and take control of your health is to create a lifestyle to meet the needs of your body. Your body wants all kinds of good and wholesome foods, and maybe it wants a bite of some raspberry cheesecake, and thats ok! ;] Just don't decide to buy the cake and eat the whole thing by yourself! If you stop worrying about how you look and worry more about how you feel you will see that making simple adjustments to your diet can make a huge difference to your health, looking great is just a side affect from eating great and exercising! How nice =]

Keep it simple.

One of the beauties of clean eating is the simplicity. Most of what you need to know can actually be passed down from the older generations, they knew how to keep it simple and inexpensive! Back in the day they didn't have all of the complicated processed foods we have today, they had gardens and farms that produced them with nutritious meals. Now our world has turned to boxed this, and packaged that, we are having to read all kinds of labels and half of the things we can't even pronounce! They try to trick us with flashy packaging that says low cal, low fat, low this, low that... lies. DON'T FALL FOR IT! They make things so complicated and I don't know about you, but Im feeling 22 (... for all you Taylor Swift fans ;]) but seriously, I don't like complicated... We go to the grocery store and buy some granola bars thinking they are going to be a great snack, and then you look at the label and see that you could basically eat a mickey d's cheeseburger for the same amount of nutrition! Then we stare at huge aisles filled with hundreds of cereals and millions of different condiments when it can be so much easier, find the one that has the best nutritional value and grab it and go! Maybe even realize that sometimes you don't actually need the extra stuff anyways... (Something I learned from a good friend... cereal really has no nutritional value anyways-- even cheerios-- so eat your eggs, oatmeal, fruits, and veggies for breakfast! You will feel so much more energized!)
Food is meant to be fuel for your body, so stop putting coco puffs in your gas tank!

Up next: The Clean Life [[Part 2]] 
..."Feed the machine"...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

[[Two Months of Faith]]

Weight/height: 11 lb./21 in.
Sweet girl, I am locking you in your room for 30 years till Im ready for you to date... You are too pretty! Look at those baby blues!

Likes: Faith likes to KICK KICK KICK all the time! We are at that point where she is just kicking away while I am changing her... greaaaat! She likes watching TV while sitting on Daddy's lap... where she also kicks. Likes to be on our shoulder when she is held, really hates to be held like a baby.

Dislikes: HATES when the onesie goes over her head. Absolutely hates it. Then putting a new onesie on... its like chinese torture to her!

Firsts: She started really smiling this month and we got to hear her first somewhat of a laugh! It was more of just straight snorting which ultimately scared her lol Also had our first hair knots... which I tried to brush out on the back of her head..... doesn't work... cut them out... luckily she is already getting a little bald spot on her head so you cant even tell I cut it =] And the biggest milestone this month.... SHE CAN HOLD HER HEAD UP! WOOP WOOP! Even rolled to her back a couple of times!

Tootie little bootie's little love butt <3

Things I don't want to forget: Faith totally has my hair... talk about bed head! In the morning and after naps its a big ol' rats nest.

Insta-Outfits =]

Oh you wanna picture of me...?