Saturday, June 29, 2013

We were WHERE last night?

Bet you are wondering why in the world Joel is sitting in a hospital bed hooked up to fluids and not ME!? Well, funny story actually... ;]

It all started late at night, Joel just got off the phone with a buddy and I just took a bath to get nice and relaxed. Then all of a sudden, out of no where, Joel starts saying how he doesn't feel good and throws up. [Mind you, this is right after I spent the whole day on my hands and knees cleaning the bathrooms lol. Joy.] So that doesn't make him feel any better and he starts saying how he feels like his throat is closing up and his tongue is swelling and he needs to go to the hospital immediately. At this point... I am trying to not get myself worked up but its safe to say I was a little freaked out. So we hop in the truck and head to the hospital. The whole way there he is super anxious telling me I need to go faster as if he is going to go into anaphylactic shock and I am gonna have to magically pull out an EpiPen to save his life! We make it to the hospital where he was saying how he felt light headed like he was going to pass out so the guy at the desk sits him in a wheel chair. Now, another marine was coming down to bring him up but he also brought a wheel chair... so get this... a wife, 39 weeks pregnant, is pushing her grown husband in a wheel chair next to a marine pushing an EMPTY wheel chair to the emergency room in the wee hours of the night. I just about died laughing when finally half way to the emergency room the guy asked if I wanted him to push Joel... Um YES DUDE unless you want to push both of us in wheel chairs after I go into labor hehe. Anyways, we get up to the urgent care/emergency room and he tells the nurse whats going on and we wait for the doctor. Finally, the doctor comes and asks, "Are you an anxious person? Do you normally have panic attacks? Is there anything that you would be nervous about or that would stress you out?" 

So that was the verdict... a good ol fashion panic attack. 

And to think I thought it was funny to be pushing him around in a wheel chair before... NOW it was hilarious. Both of us were seriously cracking up. Now, I would be mean if I didn't at least say that in his defense, he was dehydrated and hardly ate much all day so that didn't help and his pain meds for his back already make him jittery and anxious anyways. However... I think its a little ironic that someone is about to be a daddy any minute and all of a sudden has a certified panic attack out of no where lol.
As we were sitting there waiting for what always seems like forever at that hospital, I started getting some contractions which made things EVEN funnier. How terrible it would have been to go into labor during all of that, talk about a hilarious birth story =] I think we will laugh about this for many many years to come, and I think it will only get funnier with time, and each time I tell this story I will probably blow it way out of proportion [for the pure fact that I really don't think he was panicking over having a daughter at all] but it just makes it such a great story to tell when thats the case =]

In the end, we are all alive and breathing over here! So hopefully the next post is about a hospital trip that sends us home a family of 3... or should I say 4, Oakley will always be our little baby lol.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Goodbye Facebook

     As you may or may not have noticed, my Facebook page has been fairly bare with no new posts besides the weekly blog update, a picture of the latest belly, or something about my goof ball for a husband. This is partially because of the lack of anything else going on in our lives right now besides waiting on baby, and also [mostly] due to my life evolving and realizing whats important. It occurred to me that Facebook has taken so much of my life, which sounds completely pathetic, but is completely true. I need a change to enrich my life, and that change is going to be me saying GOODBYE to the things that take too much of my life away from my husband and daughter.

      Facebook is so habitual for me that I start my morning and end my day with it, I check it before and after I eat [sometimes DURING!], I check it before and after doctors appointments and work and in between conversations... basically any moment of free time I have during the day I spend it scrolling through a newsfeed that I don't even particularly like! I realize I could always just not check it as often, or unsubscribe from the people who have nothing but negative things to say, but I've come to a conclusion that I just don't particularly like much of anything I see any more. When something is affecting your mood throughout the day in a negative way, its time to reevaluate. I would much rather start my mornings and end my days with devotionals and prayer, and spend my free time thinking up new and fun things to do with my family. THAT is what this life is all about, so THAT is what my time should be invested in.

    It sounds so pathetic, even feels pathetic, to say that deleting Facebook is actually hard to do. I mean come on, its just a social networking site. But I would be lying if I said it hasn't been nice being able to keep up with whats going on with friends and family, and to share photos and videos of what we are up to. However, half of the people I don't even know or hardly know any more, so Facebook isn't quite what it used to be. It has enabled me to stop being personal with people. I hate that! I miss being able to talk to someone and actually have new things to talk about. All the personal phone calls and texts, letters and cards mailed, and lunch dates to catch up have been completely cut off. I feel like we don't check in and invest our time and love into people any more because we already know every single in and out of whats going on with them through Facebook. I am just tired of all the ads, political views, and photos that "need" "likes" from strangers on a photo of a child with a terminal illness instead of going out and doing something about it... liking a photo literally does nothing for that child.

     With that being said, I do want my friends and family to get to see Faith grow and keep up with our family, I just want to do it in a more personal, fulfilling way! I will still keep my instagram because who are we kidding, I am in love with photography and will always be taking pictures of our little peanut! So that will be a way to keep family updated on when there are new blog posts because I find that writing in this blog is a great outlet for me and I love being able to store our memories somewhere. Its more fulfilling when I can write about the entire experience and really dig deep rather than writing a quick post that I will forget about anyways. I know blogging isn't for everyone, so to my friends and family that don't blog or don't have an instagram, I want to make sure you have my phone number, mailing address, or email [Whatever you need!] so theres no excuse to not stay in touch. So shoot me a message while I still have my page! Planning on keeping Facebook till Faith gets here, just so everyone knows she made it into this world healthy as can be! Also so I have time to save ALLLLL of the photos I have accumulated over time =]

Here's to a more fulfilling and joyous life!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

[[38 Weeks]]

Yeah, I am terrible. Just couldn't work myself up to make a chalkboard this week... mostly because I was so sure she was going to be here by now but also because I have NO energy to do it. So instead... heres what week 38 has consisted of... 2 L&D Triage visits, lots of finger crossing, and NO BABY =[

How far along? 38 weeks
Total weight gain: +22 lbs [[143]]
Maternity clothes? Consists of oversized tee shirts and the biggest shorts I own... Pretty much don't leave the house now just waiting for my water to break or something so I could care less what I have on =D
Stretch marks? Who woulda thought that I would get a couple marks on my hips and nothing on my belly... like did I seriously get THAT wide!?
Sleep: Absolutely terrible. Her head is pushing on my nerves SO bad now and it sends shooting pains in my lower back and down my legs... so my anxiety and restless legs are awful at night.
Nausea: Nope
Best moment this week: Finding out I am 4cm dilated... which is kind of a catch 22 because I was so excited to find out I was already so far dilated, but now a week has gone by and still at 4 cm so I am constantly on my toes waiting for something, so every little contraction has me checking the clock and getting the hospital bag ready again.
Miss Anything? Everything...
Movement: Still active as ever, and think she has dropped cause her feet aren't all the way in my ribs as much any more and the movements are a lot lower in my pelvis.
Food cravings: Anything with no nutritional value what-so-ever.... and fruit =]
Anything making you queasy or sick: A real meal... I get about 5 bites in and I'm full or kinda nauseous. Especially subway.
Labor Signs: Every stinking day. The worst was 2 nights ago though, I was in SO much pain, my groin felt like it was broken and I had shooting pains in my back and down my legs and cramping and contractions... I was sure it was labor... but nope of course not.
Symptoms: Contractions daily
Belly Button in or out? Flat, sometimes pokes out a little
Wedding ring on or off? On, most of the time... if I get hot though it won't come off!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Well Im a moody momma when Faith tricks me like she has, but very excited that its almost time =]
Looking forward to: Holding my little faith

See? Im not actually pregnant, I just swallowed a watermelon ;] [Let me just add that this watermelon was so delicious that I ate the whole thing by myself, and that cantaloupe in the back] YUM!

Here's to hoping this is the last belly picture.

My favorite handmade headbands EVER!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

[[37 Weeks]]+Father's Day

How far along: 37 weeks
Total weight gain: +24 lbs [[145]]
Maternity clothes? I still wish. Found myself at target the other day and was so tempted... but I reminded myself what a waste it would be... just fight the urge to buy things that will only last a couple more weeks and then collect cob webs in a closet somewhere for a long time!
Stretch marks? Nothing new
Sleep: Restless leg syndrome is no joke. I wanted to cry the other every night it was so bad.
Nausea: Nope
Best moment this week: Going to the doctors and getting another ultrasound, didn't get to see much since she is such a big girl now, but seeing her heart beating never gets old, also getting to see our favorite Bert-o this weekend, we love our Bert =]
Miss Anything? Feeling somewhat normal.
Movement: Knees all the time. And swift kicks to the ribs. Needless to say... she is head down... and I don't think she plans on switching it up any time soon. 
Food cravings: Nothing but sweets sweets sweets, especially since they said I was still a little underweight... I decided I am going all out on sweets while I have the excuse!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Labor Signs: Started experiencing some lower back pain which is new, along with more contractions than the usual but still not regular or anything like 5-10 minutes apart... I just have a few and then wont have any more for a while... been feeling different though, not sure if its just my mind psyching myself out being that she is full term maybe I am just creating things in my head but everything feels different.... as if someone is packing her bags and wants to make her debut.....
Symptoms: Lower back pain, heart burn, and braxton hicks
Belly Button in or out? Flat
Wedding ring on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy when it comes to thinking about baby being here... MOODY when it comes to how I am feeling physically.
Looking forward to: D DAYYY

On another super happy and exciting note, Faith Marie officially has a finished nursery! I honestly cannot thank my Grammy enough for all the hard work she put into everything. I constantly am reminded how blessed I am day in and day out because of things like this! I'd say this room turned out to be everything I wanted it to be... minus the fact that I wish I could paint the walls =[

Happy Father's Day to my Baby Daddy! 
          Joel, I sometimes most of the time suck at showing you how much I appreciate all of the things you do for me, especially during this pregnancy, but I want you to know that every little thing you do does not go unnoticed. You are so selfless that I don't even think you realize you do so much for me, like it is just second nature to you, effortless. Did you know that from the very start of my day, my forehead never goes unkissed when you leave for work (even if I am half asleep and can't move a muscle to acknowledge it). Or that you still tell me how beautiful I am every single day, seriously... every single day... even if I hadn't showered and was sitting on the couch watching cooking shows all day. Do you know that without hesitation when I ask you to do something, no matter what it is, you do it. I have grown so accustomed to this that I rarely show you how much I appreciate you getting up to get me cookies, water, or a blanket. Even if I don't ask, you offer or just bring it (considering you have my nightly routine down to a science hehe). When you are in the middle of watching your show and I ask for you to take out the trash, help me bring the laundry upstairs, get something heavy down for me, do the dishes, etc. you get right up to help... which is baffling to me because I KNOW that I have done no such thing when I am watching my Grey's Anatomy and you need something. I usually start with some complaint or make you wait till its over... which is SO wrong and yet you are patient with me and will wait for 5 hours if you had to. I can't even count all the nights you have given me foot rubs and back massages, and MOST of the time I don't ask for it at all, you just get the lotion and start massaging away =] Also, my favorite thing that I definitely don't show you I appreciate enough, when you love me fully even if I am being the meanest person in the world... My moods are like a ticking time bomb anymore and when I go off about something or am not loving towards you you never lash back at me or show me less love, if anything you pour out your love on me tenfold! If that is not representing God's love, I don't know what is.
           I am so proud of the man you have become since we first met when I was just 15 years old. Watching God work on your heart and seeing you transform into the spiritual leader in our home is probably one of the greatest feelings I have ever had. We have come such a long way from being those young naive high school sweethearts. Between military life away from family, a deployment, back surgery, now pregnancy, and all the other little life changers, we had to figure out the hard way what it means to unconditionally love one another. Just know that even on the days that I don't thank you enough, or don't show you how appreciated you are,  I am ALWAYS thanking God for blessing me with you, and ALWAYS asking Him to teach me to love like you do. You show me every day what it is to be a great spouse and soon-to-be father. Faith is going to be one lucky little girl to have you as her daddy. She will get the chance to grow up with a great role model, showing her the kind of man she will want to marry someday. Granted we are not perfect people by any means, but the way you have learned and trained yourself to glorify God in everything you do is inspiring and humbling. I could not ask for a better man in my life. I love you <3

.....Oh, and Oakley really wanted to be apart of wishing his favorite daddy in the whole wide world a Happy Father's Day! ;]

Monday, June 10, 2013

[[36 Weeks]]

How far along: 36 weeks
Total weight gain: +20 lbs [lost 2 pounds] [[141]]
Maternity clothes? I wish.
Stretch marks? Nothing new
Sleep: Still so complicated... But the eucalyptus bubble bath at Bath and Body Works is a dream. I also have to straddle and hug my body pillow to fall asleep cause it takes away my RLS which has been a NIGHTMARE, I think it helps because it kinda stretches my legs and also makes my mind think Im sleeping on my stomach... which I CANNOT WAIT to do. Not sure if I am giving a good mental picture of this haha but its comfortable... as long as I don't completely fall asleep like that... Ive woken up with zero blood in my legs and its painful when the blood comes rushing back lol
Nausea: Nope
Best moment this week: Getting the curtains and bedskirt for the room! All thats left is the bumper and her room is COMPLETE =] AHH!
Miss Anything? Comfort always.
Movement: To the extreme
Food cravings: Nothing. I don't ever really want to eat.... the only thing that sounds decent is fruit.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Food in general... doesn't make me nauseous but just doesn't sound good
Labor Signs: My hips are widening... and when it starts happening, it gives me anxiety and my restless leg syndrome comes full force. Fun.
Symptoms: Same as last week
Belly Button in or out? Flat
Wedding ring on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Oh a mix of everything of course =]
Looking forward to: Doctors appt. on Thursday to see baby girl and this weekend when ALBERT COMES TO VISIT! Maybe Faith will make her appearance on father's day =0 Woo! Here's to hoping!

Faith's Nursery
(Just waiting on the bumper... so the next post will probably have the full crib)

Pillows all made by my grammy who is a GENIUS =]

Side note: DO NOT EVER USE THE CLEAR COAT SPRAY PAINT. See how terrible it turns out??? When I am capable of helping carry this thing down stairs and outside we are definitely repainting this thing using the ACTUAL clear paint... with a brush... This is your warning.

I wont need diapers or wipes for a very very long time. You should see how much we have!

Washed, organized, and ready to be worn =]

There are about 10+ pink leggings lol 

Ah and yes, my dumpster find... the glorious vintage mirror that I painted =] Who in their right mind would throw this out!

All it needs is a sleeping baby!

Diaper bag locked and loaded! P.S. what are some of YOUR must haves for your diaper bag?? I've obviously never done this before so pretty much just winging it ;]

My diaper bag
-Diapers (DUH)
-Changing pad (Came with this fabulous bag)
-Baby powder
-Butt paste ;]
-Baby care kit
-Extra onsie
-Burp cloths
-Nursing cover
-CAMERA (My personal MUST HAVE)

My dad would be proud. I am so sneaky... Joel is sadly not a steelers fan... so in spite of that... He is LOADED with steelers memorabilia HEHE!

My little crazy pup.
He sleeps on pillows like a human. Cracks me up =]

Right next to mom and dad... life is goooood.

I now pronounce you pup and dad ;]

Whatever you do... DONT TAKE MY TREAT!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

[[35 Weeks]]

How far along: 35 weeks
Total weight gain: +22 lbs [[143]] I feel heavy.
Maternity clothes? Still no pants. I decided that I am just going to go around town pantless. You can't judge a pregnant woman.
Stretch marks? Nothing new!
Sleep: All day. Wake up at exactly 3 am and 8 am every day and then sleep till noon... weird internal clock I've got going on. So I nap sometime during the day for a good 2-3 hours and I am STILL exhausted. I'm lucky we don't have these super busy lives where I don't have time for sleep!
Nausea: Just a little
Best moment this week: Lots! Got the rest of our stuff from the baby shower including the car seat and stroller, then received the pillows and sheets for Faiths room and also had our maternity pictures done =] Woo!
Miss Anything? My pre-pregnant body that didn't have to mentally prepare itself to shower and get ready for the day. And fitting into my clothes.
Movement: Oh yeah
Food cravings: Lucky Charms for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Anything making you queasy or sick: An actual meal, with meat... makes me sick... fast food makes me nauseous too.
Labor Signs: Menstrual-like cramping and braxton hicks still
Symptoms: Same as last week with heart burn
Belly Button in or out? Flat with a little "out" going on, don't think it will poke out much farther though
Wedding ring on or off? On and actually fits perfectly now since it was just a tinnie bit too big in the first place! I am very surprised I havent had any swelling going on... my feet still look like feet... no tree trunks yet!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Really trying to stay optimistic, but have seriously hit a wall... I would really love to sit here and say that I am just overjoyed at this stage in pregnancy but would rather be completely honest and say that its taking everything out of me. Joel said we should just go to the hospital and tell them "we tried it out and we don't like it so we'd like to return it" lol. Just can't wait till she is here and I can feel normal again and hold her in my arms!
Looking forward to: D DAY! And getting the curtains and rest of the bedding for her room!

Our sneak peek at our shoot on the beach! Let me just say, we picked the windiest day ever at top sail so I just hope we get at least a couple of pictures where the wind doesn't ruin it! I also have this issue of nothing fitting so it took me all day just to come up with this lol I at least have red earrings so we sorta coordinate...? =P

Crappy lighting but Joel needed some diaper 101. Oakley was the test dummy. Mission accomplished. hehe ;]