Wednesday, August 28, 2013


And it begins...
I am FINALLY getting on my "health kick" for good. It has been SO hard to start a new routine with so many people visiting and coming out for vacations. Okay yes, people being here is no excuse for eating crappy but starting a lifestyle change is not something that is easy overnight, add caring for a baby and entertaining company and it feels impossible. So now its just us, getting into our routines and we are motivated... thats right... WE. Joel and I are both on what we like to call "Project hot mom/dad" ;] When I leave for the gym its no longer referred to as "going to the gym"... its "Im going to get my project hot mom on" hehe. Keep it fun =]

With that being said, be ready for lots of food pictures on insta! My view is this... posting pictures of what I am eating is kind of like an accountability partner, so... "If I don't want to take a picture of it for everyone to see, then I probably shouldn't be eating it". Not like I'll be posting my food for every meal I eat every day of my life, but it will help me to post some now till it becomes a lifestyle for me! I follow so many people on instagram that are so motivating and I love seeing new food and work outs to try so I can only hope I can inspire and motivate people too! I promise to not try and sound like I am some genius nutritionist that has found the secret recipe to life ;] We all know I am a plain jane normal human being learning new things every day! I also promise to not post pictures of my half naked body for you all to see... disturbing... #myhusbandistheonlyonethatshouldseemyunderwear... yeah I just hash tagged on my blog ;]

Having a child really makes you want to do the best you can in every aspect of your life. She is watching me, and everything I do. Maybe not understanding anything I do right now, but soon enough she will understand. So when I'm inhaling a double bacon cheeseburger from Wendy's on Monday, shoving cookies down my throat on Wednesday, and slurping a Starbucks double chocolate chip frappuccino on Friday, she will mimic me and I will be the cause of unhealthy eating habits. As I have said five million times... I refuse to say "do as I say, not as I do." Refuse. I am starting good habits now, to teach her good habits later! (Note: Im not going to deprive her of a dang happy meal every now any then... don't think I'm going to be the worlds meanest mom ;])

So anyways, I am excited for the future because I know how good it feels to put yummy goodness in my body. I was eating great the week before Bailey and Marqus got here, lost 4 pounds and my skin and hair felt great, then when I started eating crap again I got a headache that lasted 2 days... my body knows whats best, I just have to listen to it better!

Being without Facebook update...
Pros and cons to no Facebook, however, more pros! I still forget and catch myself going to click the FB button on my phone and every once in a while when I get on the computer to edit pictures or update the blog I get on Joel's just to check in on some people that I miss seeing posts from but other than that it has been pretty life changing... I get to enjoy life and its moments more! That habit of sitting on facebook when I'm "bored" has turned into doing more productive things with that time! Or scrolling through instagram lol but the good thing about intsagram is there are only like 3 new pictures every hour so it doesn't suck me in like FB =] So if your thinking about getting rid of Facebook or maybe even fasting from FB (sounds ridiculous but I think there are a ton of people that should be without social media for a bit!), I promise it really is worth it!

Its all worth it for this beauty! She makes me happy when skies are gray <3
Don't Judge my make-up-less face. Im a mom now ;]

Missing my sis already =[ All we did while she was here was shop and it was fabulous ;] Oh yes and took tons of pictures of that baby love! BTW... those are mint skinny jeans... yeah she's kind of a big deal!

Stay blue eyes! Stay blue!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Another day at the beach [[in pictures]]


Seriously can't get enough of her pink toes.

Nap time!

Italian ice on the beach...? I'll take it!

Baby girl's first time putting her little piggies in the ocean!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Baby's First... [[Day at the Beach]]

Tootie's first day at the beach was a HUGE success! She loved it. We picked a great day to go since the weather was warm with overcast and it wasn't crazy windy like it usually is! When the breeze hit her face for the first time she closed her eyes like she was taking a deep breath of the fresh air =] Safe to say she is a fan of the great outdoors. I seriously couldn't get enough of her in her bikini! Every 5 minutes I kept saying how ADORABLE she was, I mean common, look at her! We plan on going tomorrow too since she loved it so much. This time we might try to twist the lid on all the way and not drop her bottle leaving us with one measly ounce... opps! Enjoy the photos of this beach bum!

(Pictures come up more clear if you click em ;])