Sunday, August 11, 2013

[[One Month of Faith]]

(Sorry in advance for the excessive amount of photos ;])

All about Faith
Weight: (At 3 weeks) 8 lb. 5 oz
Nicknames: Mama is what we call her on a daily basis... more than we say her actual name! Also Tootie Little Booty (haha and when she has gas or poops we always say "did you tootie in your little booty??") Joel wants me to add that he also calls her "Tootie little fruity booty" haha we are obsessed with her booty apparently.
Likes: Faith loves her food first of all... she started drinking 4-5 oz. at like 2-3 weeks old! I think those chunky legs are gonna start coming in realll soon. She loves music, at church she either sits there content or falls asleep during worship, atta girl! She also loves being outside, gloom or shine, she is so content. Car rides are great (Had one projectile vomit experience in the truck... her mama was dumb and fed her 2 minutes before she left. OPPS! You live and you learn ;]) She is attracted to light and looks out the window till she falls asleep in her swing (that she also loves on most occasions). She loves to be burped or just in the upright position. And lastly, she loves bath time! Until she gets lotion put on her lol
Dislikes: She usually fights sleep so she hates being tired.... unless she is being held of course. Also, she usually never cries if she spits up, however the one time she did lose her marbles was in the car, so Im gonna assume she was pissed that she threw up on her super cute outfit ;] Lastly she dislikes cold wipes and her flailing arms, she will hit herself in the face and look so annoyed about it haha! Other than that she is still pretty new to have many dislikes...
Things I don't want to forget: She sneezes in threes usually, just like her momma ;] She smiles ALL the time, but I notice that she mostly does it every time she's about to fall asleep. Her little scream is the funniest thing I've ever heard. She is a total kicker and squirmer... Im going to have my hands FULL! At her 2 week check up the doctor mentioned that her little boobs are normal and some babies even get a period... my reaction, "IM NOT READY TO TELL HER ABOUT THE BIRDS AND THE BEES, I JUST HAD HER!" hahaha. 

(Feed/Pump every 3 hours)
6 am: Wake up, wake Faith, change diaper, feed/pump, minimal wake time
6:30-7 am: *Hour of power with Faith
8 am: Eat breakfast, wash all pumping parts from night before, shower
9 am: Change diaper, feed/pump, get Faith dressed, daily pic ;], minimal wake time
12 am: Change diaper, feed/pump, minimal wake time
2:30 pm: Change diaper, feed/pump, minimal wake time
3-4 pm: Blog/edit photos/catch up on anything around the house
5 pm: Change diaper, feed/pump, minimal wake time
6 pm: Gym (Joel and I will switch gym days, no more gym dates for us! haha)
8 pm: Change diaper, feed/pump, bath, minimal wake time (if any)
11 pm: Change diaper, feed/pump, read Faith a story and put her straight to bed (no wake time)
3 am: (Keep her in the dark with a little light shining in so she stays pretty sleepy) Change diaper, feed/pump, straight back to crib

(The things I do between feedings do vary, but this is just an idea how things kinda work around here!)
I first want to say that getting a routine down in the beginning is not easy by any means. It took me a while to figure out this is what I liked best and I still find myself changing things up a little. Im lucky it hasn't been too hard getting Faith adjusted. The times are still pretty flexible, some days she wants to eat more so it throws the whole day off, those days are exceptions, but I try to get back on track the next day in order to get the predictability of feedings consistent for her =] I know I created more work for myself by exclusively pumping but Im not gonna lie, I seriously hated breastfeeding. It was so painful (I swear she bites!) and her flailing arms were always a battle and getting her in the right position was a pain and it was just miserable for me so instead of being miserable I decided to just pump and deal with the constant washing of bottles and pump parts for a little bit and look forward to when I can sleep through the night and pump every 4-5 hours, rather than every 2-3 hours. It does help to feed her while I pump so its all done at one time, or just have Joel feed her of course.

*Hour of Power- This has been the most invigorating thing ever. First of all, I have NEVER been a morning person. Ask anyone, I sincerely enjoy my sleep. However, since having Faith and having to wake up so early every day it got me used to being up and I decided to start the hour of power that I learned from a Tony Robbins video. I highly highly highly recommend having an hour of power when waking up in the morning, it helps me to make the best of the rest of the day! We ALL need a little bit of "me" time! I go for a walk/jog with Faith for about 45-60 minutes, and she sleeps the whole way since she just ate so it works out great. During the walk, I start by thinking of all the things I'm grateful for, this is probably the most important part of my walk that starts my day on such a positive note. Then I focus on what I want in life (as if its already done) so for a smaller goal, I want to get healthy and back in shape; bigger goals for me are going to school, getting a job doing something I enjoy, and being the best mother and wife I can be for my daughter and husband. After that I ask myself what I want to get out of the day and follow it up with prayer. Im telling you, it is a recipe for a fabulous day! I notice myself eating better, being more awake and productive, and feeling more positive.

Oakley SERIOUSLY loves his sissy =]

"Eh, Im not so sure about all these pictures"

Daddy's little girl <3


  1. SO cute Taylor! I've been looking forward to you posting about Faith on here. :) She's absolutely adorable.

    1. Thank you!! I have totally been slacking on the blog this month haha, but my goodness this first month took some getting used to! I cant wait till I get to post more about her personality! eek! =]