Friday, December 30, 2011

And Oakley shall be your name...

HE'S HERE! Our precious new edition!! So a little story behind him, I was actually at the animal shelter looking at a different dog with Tanya and I fell in love with it. Joel was telling me that he had to go on base to go over stuff with his buddy for his training stuff and told me not to get the dog cause he wanted to see it first. Needless to say, I was pissed. HAHA! So we waited around at the shelter for a little longer to see if another family would get it, and they did end up deciding to get her. I left that shelter SO SAD! Like it was the end of the world... and then I come home and open the door to our apartment and at my feet is this ADORABLE beagle that I practically tripped over and he just melted my heart! My husband can seriously pull off some surprises! Those little floppy ears just started running around all over the place and would run over and get all in our faces and from that moment I knew he was my little snuggler =] However, he is also a little pisser! Goodness potty training is hard! He peed in the house today about 7 times... goodie. And then he pooped in his kennel while we were gone and stepped in it and got it everywhere... Pain in the butt man! But its impossible to stay mad at the poor thing, his face is so innocent =] And when he cuddles its the cutest thing in the world!! He loves his mommy and daddy =]

This was too funny, he fell asleep with me and when I picked him up and moved him so I could get up he was still knocked out and stayed like that! Then he fell off the couch =[[

This was the one at the shelter, good thing I waited for our little Oakley =]