Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I had to post something today because I was just beaming all day with this goofy husband of mine =] Ill start with the very beginning of this story... you know... the background. So its so completely in my face that I am so stressed all the time... even about the smallest stuff and I even realized that when I have nothing to stress over, I find things to stress about. Nonetheless, I get stressed and throw all of that at Joel and I can be so mean. Im admitting it now... so dont ask me to admit that again Joel ;] Anyways, the past few days (funny that its only a few days) I have just been trying to let go of the stresses, who cares when or if we get a dog, Ill get through school Im just not graduating tomorrow like Id like, we have enough money to pay our bills and have fun theres no need to get financial anxiety, friends come and go but my husband is here forever so I can just get over not being home and not having my best friends around, the house will get messy and it wont be perfect all the time, life wont be perfect. So last night I had this nervous breakdown or something because I couldnt sleep at all and I just had this knot in my stomach and I could not figure it out but I was just having so much anxiety and I realized that my anxiety was coming from the fact that I stress about all of this pointless stuff so much and my body was basically telling me YOUR FREAKING ME OUT FOR NO REASON! So today after my hour and a half sleep before I had to take Joel to work it was a fresh start. Fresh starts are great. Have a fresh start once a year, once a month, once a week, once a day! WHO CARES! =] Joel and I were just so playful and I didnt stress about a thing! These days are a changin' around here, I just need to let the now be the now and not worry about the past and future so much, and Ill have amazing days like these to share with the love of my life =]

Heres another project I did! My goodness was is a PAINNN! But worth it in the end =]

And my new christmas tree painting! I didnt see how it looks like a snake until I saw this picture lol whoops ;]

I just got photoshop cs5 from my 2nd cousin last night too which was an AMAZING christmas gift to me, but this is my first edited picture from it, and I LOVE IT! Vintage photos rock. I cant wait to find more tutorials!

And then there we were, 2 goobers in a park taking pictures and kissing and loving =]

Bahaha I think its so funny that Joel can pick me up like a little rag doll whenever he wants lol, I will never have a complex about my weight cause with him Im WEIGHTLESS!

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