Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Faith's Birth Story

Faith Marie Hanson
Born: July 12, 2013
11:32 am
6 lb. 13 oz.
18.75 inches

I seriously cannot even explain how completely WONDERFUL my birthing experience went. However, I am going to try, so here goes! It all started at about 1 in the morning when my husband and I decided that the only reason Faith wasn't coming out was cause I needed to paint my toes... so I painted them and even convinced Joel he needed to let me paint his too, he is such a trooper ;] We finally went to bed at about 3am [sounds crazy to be up so late, but thats a fairly normal night for us!] and at about 5am I started having slightly painful contractions. *Side note: 2 nights before this I went to  the L&D Triage for the exact same contractions and got sent home to take a bath. grr.* So when I started having these contractions again I didn't think anything of it just tried to sleep through the pain. Well that didn't go well because at about 6am I was up feeling even more cramping pain that took my breath away! At this point I STILL didn't think it was labor but after I laid in bed for another 30 min after timing my contractions 2-3 minutes apart I knew something was definitely about to happen! I woke Joel up and told him to time my contractions while I took a shower... thats right... I took a shower (was probably already 7-8 cm at this point!). When I got out I was about to blow dry my hair and the second I plugged the dryer in I thought "What in the world am I doing??? We need to get to the hospital!!!"
We got to the hospital around 8am and Joel wheeled me up to L&D where there was a girl already standing there talking to the nurses and filling out paperwork. There I was, sitting in my wheelchair, 9 cm dilated trying to breathe through the pain and this girl is probably just having false labor and they are just taking their good ol time chit chatting! Finally they take me back to check my cervix and the nurse asks "Um, were you planning on doing this naturally?" I cannot even explain to you the amount of pure fear I felt when she said that, all I could think was "Please God, NO, I need an epidural!" They rushed me to a delivery room and everyone was saying I was probably too far along and wouldn't be able to get an epidural, which was the one and only thing I had been saying I was doing since day 1! My fabulous doctor came in and gave me the most amazing news EVER, that she was getting the anesthesiologist for my epidural and that she was going to ask me a few questions and tell me about possible complications... my reaction- "Tell her to talk fast."
As soon as the epidural kicked in I was a HAPPY camper! The poor poor woman in the room next to mine was not having as good of a time as I was though. Her doctor came in while I was getting the needle in my back and told the anesthesiologist that she was too far and they were just going to deliver the baby. So she's in the other room screaming bloody murder and I'm just sitting back waiting to push, talking about maybe trying to sleep haha! God had my back. literally ;] All of my nurses and doctors were so amazing, and made me as comfortable as possible. They gave me so much encouragement and even made me laugh in between those painful contractions =]
I was told they call my delivery a "drive by birth" because it was so fast and easy =] Only took about 5-10 pushes and bam, we had a daughter! Even though I was so super scared about the whole epidural situation, I still couldn't have had a better experience. Even my recovery has been pretty much a breeze... I may or may not have peed my self when we got home and Joel made me laugh really hard... but thats just a bump in the road ;] I lost 11 pounds when I got home from the hospital and just have a little pooch to get rid of before I am pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy weight... NO complaints here! AND I ate whatever I wanted during my pregnancy, how did I get so lucky!? Not only have I had a great recovery, but my BABY is soooo content! Granted its only been 4 days, but she hardly cries over anything just the normal cry over a diaper change and if she's cold even with the diaper change, its a hit or miss with the cry, she might only cry over the cold wipe. It's so easy to console her though, she loves to be swaddled and to hear our voices, instantly makes her stop crying. Yesterday we had a little scare over her choking a little on the vitamin d supplement to help get rid of the little bit of jaundice she has and she was just sitting there trying to breathe and coughing and after she just looked at me like "well jeez that was scary, glad thats over" lol.
I thank God for blessing us with so much that our cup overflows! Thankful doesn't even begin to describe it! I also thank my mother-in-law for being here with us during everything and helping us with so much. I am so glad she could be in the delivery room and was able to take pictures for me since I obviously couldn't take them! She has done so much for me in the past 5 years, I could never thank her enough. And lastly, for EVERYONE who has called, texted, messaged, and commented to us... THANK YOU! Fills my heart with pure joy knowing how many people love and care about our little girl =]
(Note: This was all written in between feedings... I could have the best sleeper in the city of Jacksonville hehe!)

Thats a happy daddy right there!

I melt a little more inside every time I look at them <3

This entire experience would have been no where near as great if it wasn't for our amazing doctor throughout my whole pregnancy. Dr. Nelson is the sweetest, most caring human being and has been a blessing to us from day one! She was anticipating this birth so much that the whole triage knew who I was before I even got there, I got a lot of "Oh your the one we have been hearing about" =] She even went out and got Faith a gift the day after I delivered! Now we get to have her for Faith's pediatric care and for my postpartum care... umm can anyone say LUCKY!? I simply love her!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

[[39 Weeks]]

How far along? 39 weeks
Total weight gain: +22 lbs [[143]]
Maternity clothes? Nothing new
Stretch marks? Just a few on my hips, and where my poor belly button ring was... they are light so my hope is that there is some magic cream that will get rid of them when I pop this baby out!
Sleep: AWFUL! Insomnia to the extreme! And I have been waking up the past couple of nights sweating like crazy. Last night I was so hot I ate a popsicle at 3 in the morning, then tried to go back to sleep, woke up at 5 and decided to finish washing and folding faiths clothes... Rough!
Nausea: A little last night, just here and there nothing like first trimester nausea
Best moment this week: Well Joel got promoted yesterday! It was the most random thing ever though UNFORTUNATELY. He got a text 30 minutes before formation that he was getting promoted and I had just gotten out of the shower so I missed the little ceremony for it =[ But perfect timing for him to pick up rank =] Was hoping Faith was going to make her appearance to congratulate her daddy... but nope... this little girl has got plans of her own.
Miss Anything? Sanity.
Movement: OH YEAH. I still find it so hard to figure out what is what, but pretty sure I felt both of her knees sticking out... feeling her in my belly is still one of the freakiest things ever. She is never in my ribs any more which has been a nice change of pace!
Food cravings: Just bought 40 dollars worth of fruit... needless to say... Im on a fruit binge. And cookies as usual =]
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still a full meal... with real food... meat wise.
Labor Signs: Haha this is like a trick question because I have thought SO many things have been labor signs... so I am done guessing...
Symptoms: Braxton hicks, cramping, insomnia, slight dizziness and headache (Last night), unquenchable thirst.
Belly Button in or out? Pokes out most of the time, but just barely
Wedding ring on or off? On, except for when I go for a walk... that bad boy cuts off my circulation if I forget to take it off before the walk.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Been a little on the moody side this week... especially if I am hungry... I have been getting a little snippy with Joel but come on... talk about a roller coaster of emotions the past 2 weeks with thinking Faith was going to be here and what not!
Looking forward to: At this point... I am looking forward to having real, painful, take your breath away contractions because that means its FINALLY the real deal and Faith is coming =]

From week 38 to week 39, I believe this is when she dropped a bit... Some people look like they have a whole new belly when the baby drops... so its hard to tell if this is her dropping or just in a different position but I definitely don't feel her in my ribs any more. So Im ok with that!