Sunday, December 25, 2011

Our Cozy Little Christmas

So I was totally home sick this season wishing we could be home for the holidays but then we met Chris and Tanya and seriously felt right at home with them. We barely just started hanging out but they just click with us and are so down to earth =] I met Tanya at work and we started hanging out and then we let our husbands meet each other and now we are all just 4 peas in a pod lol. So we decided Christmas day we were all going to hang out and have dinner together! I got a chance to meet Tanya's family which was awesome and we played "The game of logos" all night and had an awesome time! I'm so excited to see what the future holds, we are so blessed to have met them and to love em to death so fast! Heres a few pictures from our low key cozy Christmas day!

I walked in the door and thought to myself "Of course we would be matching!" ;]

Playing the game! Lots of laughs =]

So adorable!

Did I mention they have the most adoarble baby??

Some day =]

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