Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Full house

This post is longg over due but we have just had so much company the past 6 weeks its been nuts! I couldn't be more thankful for all of our visitors that came to love on our little bundle of joy. Even if it has been a little tiring ;] We had visitors from Arizona, West Virginia, Virginia, Charlotte and Ashville NC, and South Carolina! I'm so glad there were so many people that got to see Faith as a newborn. Being that all the guys are deployed and we are so far away from home I wasn't too sure who was going to get to see her but it all worked out well! Here's a little break down of the past few weeks!

  • Cheryl came and was here for a week before Faith got here! I still feel so bad she only got to spend 2 days with her but I am just glad she got to see her at all. For a while there I was so worried she would miss the whole birth and instead she got to be in the delivery room with us =] I actually surprised myself letting her be in there... I mean... My "hoo ha" was just out for the world to see... but its really true what they say, "All modesty goes out the window when your in that kind of pain" I am so happy she got to be apart of it!
  • My dad came next which was SO great! It is still hard to believe that MY dad, the man that has raised me my whole life, is now a grandpa to my daughter!!!! My dad is one of those people that doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeve (one of those traits I get from him ;]), but on this trip in particular, he was smiling more than I have ever seen and being so playful with Faith =] My heart completely melted! I am and will always be a daddy's girl so now my dad will have a grandpa's girl too ;] 
  • The same time my dad was here most of my family planned a surprise trip to see us. It turned out to not be a surprise after all but was STILL so sweet that they all came out! Its crazy that they all live only a few hours away and we don't ever get to see them. For the most part of my life none of my family has lived close by so for a while it felt like I fell out of touch with everyone, but things have totally turned around and every time we all get together its like no time has passed at all! I seriously adore this family of mine and am so thankful for everything they have done for us!
  • My mom came out next and the Hanson household was down for the count haha! Joel got a viral infection in his throat and I got mastitis (which was the most miserable thing EVER especially having a baby to take care of! Theres nothing worse than body aches, fever, nausea, and chills, and not being able to rest at all because I still had to pump every 2 hours!) It was a huge help though having someone here to help with Faith. Even though we weren't great hosts, the timing for my mom to be here worked out in our favor for sure... her favor too I assume because that meant extra cuddle time with Faith lol.
  • Albert came down from VA with his girlfriend for a weekend and of course got me to have some sangria! I only had 2 glasses and STILL woke up with that crappy cotton mouth yucky feeling in the morning. Honestly... having a drink at this point is not fun at all lol. Breast milk is gold and when I had to "pump n' dump" it... I just stared at these full bottles of pure gold as I poured it down the drain. Depressing. Us mommas work hard for every drop! I mean common, I have to burn 20 calories to express that milk! haha. Anyways, glad he got to come down to visit with us =]
  • Our latest guest was Owens! Was only here for a day but it was good to catch up with him. He's a drill instructor in South Carolina so it was only fitting he was having Faith do drills ;] He also wakes up before the sun comes up on the reg and Joel sleeps in till basically the sun goes down so poor guy had my lame tired company at 5 in the morning hehe! Oh well, Oakley just loves this guy, and cuddled with him all day and night =]
Baby Faith has REAL smiles now! YAY =]

Today Bailey and Marqus are coming to town and then that will be it for visits for a little bit! Until October rolls around and the boys come back from Afghan and my Milli will be here =] WOOHOO! I miss those guys! 

A little Daddy time <3

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