Thursday, June 6, 2013

[[35 Weeks]]

How far along: 35 weeks
Total weight gain: +22 lbs [[143]] I feel heavy.
Maternity clothes? Still no pants. I decided that I am just going to go around town pantless. You can't judge a pregnant woman.
Stretch marks? Nothing new!
Sleep: All day. Wake up at exactly 3 am and 8 am every day and then sleep till noon... weird internal clock I've got going on. So I nap sometime during the day for a good 2-3 hours and I am STILL exhausted. I'm lucky we don't have these super busy lives where I don't have time for sleep!
Nausea: Just a little
Best moment this week: Lots! Got the rest of our stuff from the baby shower including the car seat and stroller, then received the pillows and sheets for Faiths room and also had our maternity pictures done =] Woo!
Miss Anything? My pre-pregnant body that didn't have to mentally prepare itself to shower and get ready for the day. And fitting into my clothes.
Movement: Oh yeah
Food cravings: Lucky Charms for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Anything making you queasy or sick: An actual meal, with meat... makes me sick... fast food makes me nauseous too.
Labor Signs: Menstrual-like cramping and braxton hicks still
Symptoms: Same as last week with heart burn
Belly Button in or out? Flat with a little "out" going on, don't think it will poke out much farther though
Wedding ring on or off? On and actually fits perfectly now since it was just a tinnie bit too big in the first place! I am very surprised I havent had any swelling going on... my feet still look like feet... no tree trunks yet!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Really trying to stay optimistic, but have seriously hit a wall... I would really love to sit here and say that I am just overjoyed at this stage in pregnancy but would rather be completely honest and say that its taking everything out of me. Joel said we should just go to the hospital and tell them "we tried it out and we don't like it so we'd like to return it" lol. Just can't wait till she is here and I can feel normal again and hold her in my arms!
Looking forward to: D DAY! And getting the curtains and rest of the bedding for her room!

Our sneak peek at our shoot on the beach! Let me just say, we picked the windiest day ever at top sail so I just hope we get at least a couple of pictures where the wind doesn't ruin it! I also have this issue of nothing fitting so it took me all day just to come up with this lol I at least have red earrings so we sorta coordinate...? =P

Crappy lighting but Joel needed some diaper 101. Oakley was the test dummy. Mission accomplished. hehe ;]

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