Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dating Faith [[Picnic in the Park]]

Since Faith and I will be without Joel for about 3 or so months while I (fingers crossed, prayers requested!!) get a job in Arizona, we were trying to figure out something to do as a family that was inexpensive. So what better thing to do than go have a picnic in the park! Especially on a day like today, it was sooo nice out with little humidity and cool weather =] We are gonna miss daddy while we are away, so I made sure to get tons of pictures of them together! He is even going to take her on a daddy daughter date tomorrow so I can pack (in peace ;]) and get the laundry and whatnot done =] 

It's amazing how much of an impact the military has had on us... my dad just pointed out the other day that we are totally ok with being apart from one another for such a long time and that its totally not normal haha... which made me think about it and question why its not as hard as most would think it would be, and I realized that we are just used to it really, not that Joel has been on a million deployments but when we first started going through time apart between boot camp, schooling, work ups, and the deployment, I got out all of my crazed frustrations and learned how to cope without him... really benefited us in the long run (not that I saw it as a "growing" experience at the time... it was more of a nightmare then lol) so I see this time apart as just another "growing" experience and am ready to learn about my capabilities... especially with a baby this time! We will surely miss each other but understand that providing for our growing family is a must and jobs don't just fall into your lap on a daily basis... Plus we are in the 21st century... theres a thing called Skype ;] Woop woop!

Speaking of going to Arizona, I just have to point out how great our God is! I cannot even believe how he has had his hand in all of this from the moment Joel found out he wasn't going to reenlist. Not too soon after I posted the blog about getting out of the Marine Corps one of my best friends from middle school contacted me and told be about a job opportunity at her office! I am so hopeful my interview goes well next week and I can call my self an admissions/enrollment advisor at B.E.S.T.! Everything about it is so great and works so well for me its like I hand picked the job myself! Plus, just a little added bonus, I get my schooling paid for... ummm yes please! Then she tells me she has someone who can babysit for me come December, so that Im not basically paying rent at a daycare! And as if God hasn't done enough, the daycare my dad takes my little sister to has a wait list so I call around hoping I find something that has an opening otherwise I wouldn't be starting work anytime soon, and then come to find out there is a place that JUST got 5 spots open right away and half off registration and first week only $100 bucks... YAY! I don't know if I am putting enough emphasis on how much all of these things seriously impact the future, but it is honestly the most incredible feeling knowing God is hard at work in your life making sure you are provided for <3

Not too shabby for a self timer! Ten seconds is really fast let me tell you! Click and RUNN! Anywho, I think its a decent family photo =] ...minus my necklace that didn't quite make it during that whole "run" thing haha

...The reality of a baby at a picnic...
Just kidding hehe she was really good just a little angry that she lost her bink ;]

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  1. Isn't it funny haha Cody and I haven't been together in 19 months and I don't really think anything of it...and people are just in awww shock when you tell them. I love the "how do you do it" haha idk you just do! Its more concerning thinking of getting use to each other again haha, its been a long time since I heard that boy snore =)! I know everything will work out for you and Joel you guys are such a strong couple. Everything falls into place likes its suppose to!