Thursday, September 12, 2013

[[Two Months of Faith]]

Weight/height: 11 lb./21 in.
Sweet girl, I am locking you in your room for 30 years till Im ready for you to date... You are too pretty! Look at those baby blues!

Likes: Faith likes to KICK KICK KICK all the time! We are at that point where she is just kicking away while I am changing her... greaaaat! She likes watching TV while sitting on Daddy's lap... where she also kicks. Likes to be on our shoulder when she is held, really hates to be held like a baby.

Dislikes: HATES when the onesie goes over her head. Absolutely hates it. Then putting a new onesie on... its like chinese torture to her!

Firsts: She started really smiling this month and we got to hear her first somewhat of a laugh! It was more of just straight snorting which ultimately scared her lol Also had our first hair knots... which I tried to brush out on the back of her head..... doesn't work... cut them out... luckily she is already getting a little bald spot on her head so you cant even tell I cut it =] And the biggest milestone this month.... SHE CAN HOLD HER HEAD UP! WOOP WOOP! Even rolled to her back a couple of times!

Tootie little bootie's little love butt <3

Things I don't want to forget: Faith totally has my hair... talk about bed head! In the morning and after naps its a big ol' rats nest.

Insta-Outfits =]

Oh you wanna picture of me...?


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  1. Your baby girl is just too precious Taylor. Loving the blogging updates! And of course all the instagram photos as well. :D