Monday, October 21, 2013

[[Three months of Faith]]

At Three Months we...

Flew across the country

Met our 6 month old aunt

Went to daycare for the first time

And got to see a horse for the first time! Not that we were too into the horse up close and personal... Im willing to bet we will warm up soon =]

Being back in Arizona definitely makes me appreciate the hubby ten times more. Its exhausting not having another pair of hands. Not that the family isn't a huge help, its just not the same without daddy! Its especially hard to keep up with blogging, when I finally get a minute to relax all I want to do is sit on the couch and turn my brain off. I know, boo hoo. It is getting a little easier as Faith gets more coordinated and is becoming entertained by toys now. Trying to keep a baby, with the attention span of about 30 seconds, entertained by your talking and bouncing and facial expressions alone is ridiculously tiring! Boy oh boy I cant wait for her to be able to grab toys and sit up on her own.... then Im sure Ill be missing her long naps! Really need to take a moment to appreciate her littleness =] I am loving that her personality is starting to come out, she smiles all the time and is SO talkative. Her cry is still the funniest thing sometimes, I feel like I have got each cry pretty much deciphered now! I love it when she starts getting crazy fussy and Im like, "Oh she's just tired" and then 10 seconds later she yawns, Im like, NAILED IT! ;]

Completely did NOT stay updated on her 3 month post, I mean I've been a little on the busy side... All I know for sure is, at three months we are...
Missing Daddy <3

The schedule fluctuates but this is what our days look like basically! Faith is starting to sleep longer for her afternoon nap which is great, will be easier to transition her when we start lessening the feedings!

3:30-4:00am- Pump
5-5:30am- Goooood morning Faith
7:30am- Pump
8:00am- Feed
11:00am- Feed
11:30am- Pump
3:00pm- Feed
3:30pm- Pump
6:00pm- Feed and bath every other night
7:30pm- Pump
9:00pm- Feed and down for the night
9:30pm- Pump and GOOD NIGHT

By the end of the day Faith has eaten about 25-28 ounces and I have pumped about 70-80 ounces... Hoarding milk like my life depended on it. Thank the heavens for deep freezers! Hoping to be done pumping in 2 months or so. It will be the happiest day of my life. Seriously. By the end of the week I should have about 2 months worth of milk stocked up... and thats just what I accumulated over the past 3-4 weeks! Woah!


  1. Love these updates!! So I have a much do you charge for your photography services?? I don't even know if this would be possible with Faith, but I'm graduating in December and would love some senior pictures taken. And you're the first person that I thought of!! Just let me know if you're up for it at all; I totally understand if you're not but I figured I would ask! Thanks Taylor! Oh, and you can email me at