Monday, November 18, 2013

[[Four months of Faith]]

Likes: HAS to have something in her face when she sleeps, so for a while we would have her buried in blankets but my dad (the worrier) wasn't a fan so now we have one of those little tiny cloths that have the animal on the top... um... I don't even know how to explain those things... but whatever, she sleeps with it now and dads not so worried anymore. Win. She also has a thing for fans and the glowing pumpkin at Nana's! When the TV is on, she is glued. Especially if baby mozart is on! Since we got back home we watch cartoons with Faith and Joel and I will just forget to change the channel until we realize we have been watching Doc Mcstuffins for 20 minutes after Faith fell asleep.... OOPS.... Timeeee for your check up, timeee for your check up! ;] 

Dislikes: Being tired. Having a full diaper. And gas. I really don't blame her.

Milestones: Full on laughs! The most precious sound EVER! She also rolls to her side and almost on her belly! Can, however, roll from her belly to her back. She can grab things better now and will grab my thumbs and stand up. Im willing to bet she will be walking and talking early =] She's already basically got the talking thing down pat. Im going to have my hands SO full! Lastly she is almost sitting up on her own, still folded over like a little taco but holds herself up pretty well I'd say! She reaches for Oakley now and started smiling at him =] Ahh I love seeing her personality come out.

Things I don't want to forget: At 15 weeks she was making this gurgling noise in her throat and we would go back and forth and she would laughhhh and laughhhh! Then the one morning when I was pumping she was in the pack-and-play making the noise and cracking herself up =] I was dying! We definitely know she is ticklish and she still likes the bink but is starting to spit it out a lot more, but yet has a hard time falling asleep without it... HMMMMM?? This is also the month we came back home to surprise daddy which was a success! He was shocked!

Finally big enough! =]


I love when we match. The first thing I was excited for when I found out I was having a girl was matching outfits! =]

So happy to see this face =] We missed daddy like crazy!

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