Thursday, January 16, 2014

[[Six Months of Faith]]

Likes: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The end. Kiddinggg, this girl likes so much these days =] She is definitely a huge fan of Mickey though... Disney Land is going to be the highlight of her life one day! She is LOVING eating food, as of yesterday she has been yelling at me with her mouth open when she wants more baby food! I can't get it in her mouth fast enough! She still loves to bounce, all the time. Started rolling around to get where she wants, not pro status yet, but she's a determined little thing! And she really likes to just be put down in her crib when she's tired, she almost dislikes being held, which is one of those things I can't really complain about, its so nice knowing I can get things done while she's in there putting herself to sleep!
Dislikes: She is really pretty happy about everything these days, the only thing that I know she hates is being left in a room by herself, unless she is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... or if she doesn't see you walk out.
Milestones: She is rolling from her belly to back finally so she doesn't get so upset when she can't roll back over. Started giving her those wafer-like baby "mum mum's", she's diggin those =] And we are getting more adventurous with her baby food which I think she is LOVING.
Things I don't want to forget: When we first got back to Arizona she was TOTALLY not liking men! I want to say that it is because her daddy wasn't around so maybe she was just confused but it was funny and kinda sad! My dad picked us us from the airport and the second she got a look at him she was crying, and then when we got to the house his wife held her and she was fine, but if she heard her grandpa, saw him, or my goodness if he held her she was freaking out. Then when we got to Joel's side of the family's, Grandpa Gib was playing with her and she was soooo unsure of it and started getting that quivering lip. She warmed up eventually, we just gotta test my dad out again to be sure =]

Well we are back in Arizona if you couldn't tell! We love those horses!

I mean seriously... She's the cutest little cowgirl I ever did see! Those boots.

Bahaha. Simba.

I needed to get some baby food for Faith since we came back to Arizona and I haven't had time to make any yet. Just within the first two pouches, I have come to LOVE the "Ella's Kitchen" brand! They have the coolest flavor combos and Faith loves that its organic too! Ok so maybe Im the one thats liking the organic factor ;] But she seems to be loving the taste cause she can't seem to get enough! WIN! Its on the pricey side, but there is a lot of convenience to it so I understand. I think maybe I will do half and half making my own baby food and getting these things for a treat for her =] Cause Im not so sure I necessarily feel like pureeing apples, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and blueberries together... Im willing to bet theres a science to getting that right!

I let her take her pick...

one down....

Two down...

We have a winner! Peaches and bananas it is!

Mom. Don't play games with me... PUT THAT SPOON IN MY MOUTH!

Last night Nana and Papa came over to visit and Faith decided she wanted to snuggle with them =] It was bedtime so she was extra cuddly.... which led to extra squirmy... but Im glad I was able to get some pictures while she was sharing the love! I get a bit emotional looking at these photos, if only our grandparents could live forever... Im already planning the 100th birthday party at Nana's. I refuse to let this sweet woman go any sooner.

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