Sunday, February 19, 2012


WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY! It was sooo nice out yesterday and with all the crappy weather we have been having we knew it was time to go to our good ol park and walk the trails =] This time Oakley got to join us! I know I have turned into one of those psyco pet moms that take a million pictures of their pooch and no one really cares, but he is just so dang adorable I cant help it! (Just imagine how many photos Ill have when we have kids!!!!) Its just so fun to watch him grow in pictures and to see his personality its just too darn cute! Being that he is a hunting dog, my goodness, he was sniffing THE ENTIRE TIME on these trails! I was thinking "just enjoy this oakley!!!!" lol. But he was a good sport! When we do move back to arizona I know we will miss these kind of things to do, like walk a trail right in your backyard... I hope Im not taking it for granted! Heres some pics of oakleys first time out in the woods =]

Something funny?

Love bug <3
 Living the dream Oak!

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