Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A little early Valentines day!

This year Joel had to be in the field for V-Day but we had a little mini Valentines on Sunday... Sorta... one of the most lame dinners ever lol but it was the thought that counted ;] I had to work from 6pm to 2am for the new floorset at work and Joel was getting all of his gear ready to go for monday so we basically just ate and I left lol one romantic night aye ;] For Christmas this year we got these little heart shaped pasta shells so it was only fitting to use them! 
I spent some time with my poochers and let me tell you he is too funny! He hates his toys being in the basket, always is taking them out even right when we put them in there he is immediately taking them out, doesnt even play with them really! And he took my "apology" bear from the room and just ATTACKS it. Its hilarious cause its practically bigger than he is!
When I woke up on monday morning Joel wrote me a little message on the chalkboard which made my day =] And yes Joel Ill be your Valentine ;] Got some competition though cause Oakley has been my little love bug today =]


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