Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time to carve those pumpkins!

A few days ago my hunny and I went pumpkin searching! We went to a local churches pumpkin patch and had so much fun finding the perfect pumpkins =] Today when Joel got home we couldn't wait any longer to eat pumpkin seeds so we carved into our pumpkins and baked away! Years before we usually just salted our seeds, this year we changed it up and put sugar and cinnamon on them and it is delicious! I highly recommend them =]


 ....then he found the perfect one, and they lived happily ever after ;]

I really know how to pick em lol

Totally honest.... this cider is not very good, I had cider from some kitchen store and it was amazing... havent found any quite like it again =[

Cinnamon and sugar.... the way to go!

They are extravagant. I know. haha told you we were more excited to make the seeds!

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