Tuesday, January 1, 2013


...Will be the death of me...

Boy or girl, chevron print ALL the way =] The only change will be touches of blue for baby boy, or touches of pink for baby girl! Simple, sleek, and ADORABLE! Im addicted!

Has my name my son's name all over it =]

Love all of these colors and prints!


I want must have these alphabet letters on the wall.

Please baby boy or girl, inherit your daddy's big eyes!

Baby Names
Boy              Girl
             Jayson          Faith <MY PICK ;]
                                             Im sensing an "i" trend ;]

Baby boy
Jayson Anthony Hanson
I sense that I am having a boy so it will make it really easy to decide on a name if it is. When my brother passed, I knew right away who my baby boy would be named after. My brother was loved by SO many and could put a smile on anyones face the second he smiled. I already know that this baby is going to inherit all that love and Joel's big ol happy grin! I remember my brother most when he was younger, mostly from videos and visions of Christmas mornings with him and making forts, and if my son grew up to be anything like him, we would have one heck of a fun loving little boy!
This story is going to get a little side tracked I think, or you might not really know where its going, but bear with me! We got invited to a church months ago, and from the moment we walked in, we just knew it was exactly where we needed to be on that exact date, at that exact hour, in that exact moment. The feeling is indescribable when you see God place his hand on your life like that. Not too many sermons in, we got to hear a little insight in Jason Brinker's life, and the first thing that really came up was that his brother passed away when he was young too; instantly clicked with me, not only was I looking at the irony of my pastor having the same name as my brother, but he too went through something that not too many people in my life can really understand. We kept going to this church week after week and watched all the sermons online, and our marriage did a 180! It all just sat well with me, and I couldn't be happier that 2 people that impacted my life so much, have the same name to give to my child. On another note, a couple of weeks ago, we were talking about names and how they have a meaning, and Jason said his name meant "healer" and that his mother and father picked that name because they knew he would grow up to be just that! And look at him now! I can only hope if Baby Hanson is a 'he", we will have our own little healer on our hands as well, blessing the lives he touches. Couldn't think of a better name for our son!

Baby Girl
Faith Marie Hanson
Joel will be on board with the name soon ;]
Obviously I would LOVE to have a girl too =] How much funnnnnn it will be to dress this little girl up! And cute little photo shoots every stinkin weekend... uhh YEAHH! Okay, so beyond all the fru fru stuff for baby girl, her name is just as important to me! Pretty much the moment I knew my baby boy name, I knew my baby girl name as well! First of all, its practically impossible to find a girl name that you've never heard of, or your friend didn't steal (not literally, but you know that moment you meet someone and they tell you their child's name and your like, NOOO we cant be friends now... haha!). Anyways, I have been SO lucky that I have never met, nor heard of, anyone having or using the name Faith =] YAY FOR ME! This means I call dibs... even if your baby pops out first ;] Honestly though, Faith is huge for me. Through my own struggles and watching other people through their struggles, one thing stays constant... Our faith. No matter how big the struggle we will always have faith that our God is bigger. Without it, we are meaningless. Without it, we have nothing of worth. Without it, I would not be where I am today, therefore not even having this baby. Naming my baby girl after the one thing that truly keeps a broken world going would be my honor =] Oh, and she can actually grow into an adult with the name too... fab!

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