Monday, January 28, 2013

[[17 Weeks]]

How far along? 16&17 weeks [Photo from 16 1/2 weeks]
Total weight gain/loss? Weighed myself last week and I was 118.5
Maternity clothes? Just the belly band, still fit in my jeans, I just usually keep them unbuttoned. I even just bought new jeans like an idiot, wonder how long they will actually fit for =]
Stretch Marks? No, thank the man upstairs!
Sleep? I am still tired 24/7 but I have actually been running on less sleep than usual but the Arizona sun has made it easy to wake up earlier =]
Best moment this week? Being in Arizona. Was there for about 2 weeks... hence my slacking on the blog.
Miss anything? SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES AND GYM TIME! I just want to play basketball =[ And could have gone snowboarding this past weekend =[ and I know I can still work out but I am still nervous about it, I just don't know how hard to push myself...
Movement? YES! Baby has been fluttering around so much, started last week sometime =] Mostly when I lay down at night and in the morning, Im at the airport right now and the babes has been moving a lot. Probably because its just as annoyed with these flights as I am!
Food cravings? Not really... just craved every restaurant that I don't have in NC, but I always want those places when I come home.
Nausea? NO! FINALLY! I just felt nauseous on the plane for the ascend, descend, and turbulence. I had an empty stomach too so that didn't help.
Gender prediction? Boy still, hopefully find out this week!
Labor signs? No
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding ring on or off? On
Happy or moody? Been SOOOOO happy this week =] Amazing what a little bit of sun and friends and family can do! The only time these past 2 weeks I felt like a prego was today at the airport. I get on the plane and cry already missing so much... then I get off the plane and want to cry over the stupid flights... fought that one...
Looking forward to? GENDER IN A FEW DAYS!

First of all... GOOD NEWS! I found 2 diaper bags that I love =] Decisions decisions.

Trip to Arizona!
Never a dull moment when I go back home =] It is always so refreshing to get back to see everyone, but teases me SO bad. It was beautiful until the last 3 days... and I felt like I was back in NC with the rain! I have no clue when Ill get back again, makes me sad =[

Birthday girl! [Missing the other birthday girl Kelly!!]

Been FOREVER since I've seen this guy perform, miss it!! Talk about being a terrible best friend. Lovely photobomb on his shirt too.

=] How can you not LUVV JenniLuv!?


Quite the huge smile!!! =]

Boo bear <3

My sissy is the best sissy in the whole wide world, [[Kenzie too ;]]]

Terrible rappers here.

Doing this monthly.

Going to be so crazy having a baby sister and a baby of my own at the same time =]

Oh belly.

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