Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bring on the ruffles, ribbons, and bows!

Its a GIRL!?!?
Already full of surprises =]

After I posted this announcement I thought "wow, I should have used a pink snapple..." but all I had was peach so whatever =] I also found it kind of ironic that the snapple I opened had "real fact" #777... and being that we are naming her Faith, its kind of cool =]

So a week ago I was totally expecting to find out the gender but it turned out... my doctor at the naval hospital doesn't do anatomy ultrasounds. So she had no idea what she was looking at when we bribed her into getting the machine just to see if we could tell! So I had to schedule my anatomy scan separately and of course they wouldn't get me in until the 26th of this month.... yeah right. So I got an appointment for yesterday at the Jacksonville 4D fetal photo place and the first thing the woman says when she walks up is "...So I have some bad news... our machine is broken." I was about to die... but she continued on to say that they would still use the 2D machine to tell me the gender and I could come back over the weekend for the 4D one. Needless to say, I was SO relieved. We start the ultrasound, and against all odds, as the doc gets to the baby's lower half he says "...and thats a vagina, your having a daughter!". My jaw was on the floor! I am STILL wrapping my head around it! =] She is going to be one beautiful spoiled little girl!

Officially in Panic Mode.

I am pretty positive I have gone into full panic mode since the moment I found out Baby Hanson is a SHE. Maybe my sub conscience was telling me that it was a boy for so long because I am SO SCARED to be a mother to a little girl. When it was just a thought in my mind of having a baby it was so exciting thinking about having a little girl to play dress up and have tea parties with, but now that its a reality... HOLY CRAP! Don't get me wrong, I am still excited for those things and for cute little photo shoots with adorable little outfits and props! However... Pinterest doesn't have quotes like "One day your baby girl is going to grow up and have a boyfriend, she's going to think you are super uncool, she's going to have expensive taste like her mom, and as much as you love and cherish her more than life itself.... her daddy will probably always be better." All realities I will have to face one way or another. Through my own experiences, I've learned how important it is for me to be a great role model to her, I want her to be proud of her mom and to respect me, not just because "I said so", but because she truly respects my life and the way I live it. So hello school, how ya doin?! Pressure is on! I don't want to use the "Do as I say, not as I do" saying, ever. I've hated that saying my entire life. It is completely unfair to me... Yeah I will hope for her to make the most perfect and flawless decisions her entire life, but we DO live in a broken world... so guess what... she will make mistakes, just as I did. But I'm gonna love her through it =] I am so lucky to have so many mother figures in my life that inspire me to be a great mom! I know if I ever have any questions or if I feel like I am doing it all wrong, I will have a million places to turn to! Beautiful women <3

Day 1 and I couldn't help myself!! Too many sales, too many ADORABLE outfits!

A little Pin-spiration
Everything from bows, to shoes, to photo ideas, and the nursery!
I can't wait!


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