Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Laundry Lottery!

Alright... I admit it... I am guilty of doing the laundry and letting it pile up until its overwhelming! I'm also guilty of having to run the washer more than once because I will forget there are clothes in it! I just feel like we have so many dang clothes, you'd think we have a family of 8 or something! So I came across this wonderful idea, The Laundry Lottery! So when the clothes pile up like this... I can whip out the cards ;]

Here's how it works... I toss these cards in the dryer and let them roll around for a second (just like the lottery balls ;]) and let him pick a card. One card, in my favor says folding duty. The other one, in his favor, says lucky you! (which could be anything I designate prior to the draw...whatever might lure him in the best!) ;] Now, this could be a lose-lose situation haha but I think its fun! And as the wife, I am always folding the laundry anyways, so I am willing to take my chances lol.

Unfortunately it's a sad day in the Hanson household hahah! I whipped the cards out on him today and it just flat out BACKFIRED! lol! Oh well. Ill get him back next time! =]

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