Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So much to learn...

I just started reading this book called "Whats it like to be married to me" and let me tell you, WOW! This book is everything I needed and then some. I am only on the first week and I have already learned so much about myself and my marriage. We obviously have our own struggles and issues, as will any relationship, but many of them could have been and can be completely avoided. If I would have fully understood advice given to me and advice I have given myself from the beginning, we would have been much better off much sooner. The problem was that everything was so perfect from the beginning that we never had to face a struggle together and it is much harder than it may sound on paper. Its all about making choices. Choosing to love, rather than be angry.
I realized that I have based our marriage off of how Joel makes me feel and not how I make him feel. Yes, this is a two way street but I have been more on the gimmie gimmie gimme end rather than the, what are your needs end. I will be the first to admit that I have failed at being a loving, selfless, and submissive wife. However, I am so glad I found this book when I did because I have a new outlook on what kind of wife that really is. If you know me at all, you will know I am extremely independent and I dont like being told what to do (yes, just like a 5 year old) so you can imagine my thoughts on submitting to my husband. I thought, "ok, I can submit to some things and other things I can go against and it will be fine." It doesnt work that way. I need to put all of my trust in Joel for us to truly work the way God intended us to work.
In this book, the author explains how we women get our desires and our goals for our marriages mixed up. We think that our goal for our marriage is to "have a loving relationship" to "have an exciting romantic relationship" and to "have our marriage be a picture of Christ's love". These are things that we cannot control ourselves. We cant control how our husbands act, speak, or think. What we can do, is set goals for ourselves on how to be a loving, exciting, romantic, godly wife. We can control that. We can live out our role as wife the way we were intended to live it out and we can be happy with just that. Whether he makes me out of my mind crazy or not, I should be consistent.
There is so much to learn and its amazing watching God work in our lives already, transforming every word that comes out of my mouth, making me a better wife as we speak. I am so thankful Joel hasnt ever given up on me and will spend the rest of my life working to be better every day!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Catch up

Here goes nothing! I SERIOUSLY suck at keeping this up to date. So basically Im going to try to sum up everything that has happened within the past few months after my birthday in Arizona! Lots of pictures to share so it makes for and easy timeline =] I would just say the heck with it and just start from where we are at to day, but I want to look at this one day and see EVERYTHING that has happened... especially if I decide facebook is overrated ;]

My first day back to work at American Eagle I got to see my favs Fran and Tanya =]

And I was also greeted with THIS =/

Which turned into this...=//

Then St. Pattys day came and we took the pup to the beach!

Silly boy =]

Driving around jacksonville one day.... we decided I was gonna get a tattoo =]

Frans Pregnancy came and went and we welcomed baby Greyson into the world!

Hillary and I rekindled our friendship and spent the day at the pool while I watched Jennifer for the day!

Needless to say she loved the water... However it was naptime... and she likes to fight her tiredness....

We traded in the ol dodge and go ourselves a toyota tacoma! (hoping to save money in the long run)

Once it started warming up we spend our weekends on the beach!.... doing backflips lol

Became friends with this hot mama, love her to peices!

Hillary and I had been working our butts off in the gym and I never really got a good before and after picture... but this is as good as it gets... I was quite confused cause I was gaining weight on the scale... but it was muscle... talk about a mind game!

Beeeach dayss.

I realized how hilarious my dog is =]

And how much I love this little girl to death <3

We found this absolutely AMAZING church and have loved every sunday being there.

You might not think this is an important part of these past few months... but going to Chipotle in Raleigh is probably the highlight of our week =]

GREEN SPRINGS! The most scariest, dangerous, fun, and wild place Ive ever been to! This place has a rope swing, a zip line, and 5 levels to jump off from into the water... it is NUTS!

Went to my dads wedding in the outer banks!

Our wedding was featured in a 4 page spread in Arizona weddings magazine!

Albert came to visit

And milli my squish came to visit!

I was off to Arizona again! The flight there was SO nerve racking, but I made it to chicago and managed to get out of chicago as well haha

Got to spend bailey and kenzies birthday with them, and attended baileys beauty school graduation, I got to go to the river which ended up being full of drama =/ I went to MCC to get the paperwork for the dental program and spent time with my pops and his new wife which is always a good time =]

Got back home and went to Garrys getting out of the military party!

Joels parents came down to visit us, it was SO good to see them!

Went to Wilmington to see the battleship, was so big! Lots to see!
 Like grandpa like grandson... ;]
 Oakley made a new friend =]

Our fourth of July was spent on base, the fireworks were really good, I was in awe! Albert got to come down again as well so we spent our weekend with him!

Jennifers first fourth! Ended with sparklers!

Need I say more?

I have been able to do 4 more shoots, and am happy to say they have all been gifts =] I have been learning so much and loving every second of it!

FEWWW... that wasnt so bad, was it?