Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

(I am a little late on this post!!) However, I am so thankful to have been able to go home for my birthday. I miss it so much =[ All I kept thinking the entire trip was that it was such a tease! I have some of the greatest family and friends and everyone totally made my day so special! And speaking of everyone, I feel like I was actually able to get around and had enough time to see a lot more people than I usually do which was great. I am seriously counting down the days till I am back again! And the next time is going to be even better than the last...R-I-V-E-R! I figured Id spell it out, because people really dont get what the river really means... and really there arnt enough words in the world to describe the amount of pure fun it is. YOU HAVENT LIVED IF YOU HAVENT BEEN TO THE RIVER. Remember that.

Anywho, this trip was so needed, and completely refreshed me =] I know people that are in Arizona think how bad they want to get out of there, especially Queen Creek.... but DONT WISH THAT FOR ONE SECOND. We have everything we could ever need there! Yeah, yeah, its a desert... who cares! We have lakes, the river, mountains to hike (lots and lotsss), we can drive a couple hours to see the snow, drive a couple more hours to see the beach, we have so much open land we can ride quads and the SUN... Oh my gosh the sun... the most amazing thing to wake up to EVERY day. Most importantly, the people... For the most part everyone is always out and about, taking in the rays =] I love it. So much happiness takes place in the place I call home, I cant wait till we are back there again <3

I did not only have 1, but 4 birthday cakes/waffles/brownies ;] YUMM. Basically all I did was eat the entire time haha.

Got to see my Ang, Shayden, Bryar and BELLSSS =] My favorites =] Andddd got to meet baby mason for the first time... gonna be a little heartbreaker. Sweetest little thing!

Get to share our B-days every year =]

Of course another great night at bears, celebrated Dan and Barbs 30th wedding anniversary =]

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