Friday, September 2, 2011

The Beards stay at the Hanson Inn =]

For about a week we have gotten to spend time with our AMAZING friends Beard and Mili! Its so fun having people over to cook for and to be cooked for =] Im sooo excited for them to become our NEIGHBORS SOOOOON! ;] And to have family dinners on Sunday Funday!! Which by the way these boys are going to have to find their way to the gym a bit more often cause they have got some rockin cookers! We survived off of lots and lots of "stumbled upon" foods and Moscato... oh and of course Mili's brownie cheesecake dream =] Its times like these that I know Im blessed. When I wake up in the morning and my squishy is there searching for me in my bathroom like... *tip toe tip toe*... "Squish??" hahaha. Or when Mil flips over the top rack of bread in the oven and tells Beard to flip the rest cause its broiling and he just flips over the ones she already flipped lol. I love these guys =] Plenty more memories to come with them! I miss you already =[[ Heres to the past year, and to the next year making memories with YOU!

Get those dishes Beard!!!

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