Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cupcake Fail.

Tanya came over today with her little munchkin to do this gourmet baking extravaganza! Well unfortunately there was nothing extravagant about what we made. Quite pathetic actually ;] Its so funny though, because once all the added distractions come into play its tough to focus on one thing! Between Oakley running around getting into trouble, miss Jennifer getting fussy AND me wanting to just love on her the whole time, we were so over the cupcakes lol. Im so glad I have such a great friend, I love laughing and having a good time even with chaos of a dog that wants to get into everything lol. Many, many more memories to come!

Alittle embarrassing ;] 

Well, well, well, look at that hottie ;]

Still need to master getting pictures not so blurry without flash... Soon enough... Ill learn =] But check this babe out ;] Aint she just purdy =]

Duhh I still have my christmas tree up!

I am SO naughty... These are the puppy eyes I give mom when Im a bad boy ;]

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