Monday, August 22, 2011

Onslow Beach

I know I have more than enough blogs already, but I realize that now my story is no longer just "My Story", it's "Our Story", so it only seemed right to have a blog for me AND my husband. I know he might not write in here like I will... however... it is here... for the two of us! I am hoping that one day when we look back at this blog we will be grateful for it, for the memories we will have to not only have for ourselves, but also to share with our friends and family, and one day, children of our own!
So, here it goes! Day 1 of our blog... THE BEACH! Unfortunately it was a cloudy day, but that's not surprising for Jacksonville! The waves were INSANE! I have to say, I have a HUGE fear of drowning so these waves were not to my liking haha! But Joel INSISTED that I go farther and farther out into the water so I did... And then it happened... the first gulp of water. I wish I would have caught a good shot of these things but they swallowed me! I can only imagine the laughter people must have gotten seeing this incident happen because of course after Joel had lured me into the ocean and I got a great big breath of water I was infuriated and I was swinging at him like I was Rocky! And guess what... all he could do was laugh! In the moment I wanted to kill him... but now I guess it is kind of funny =]

Babe! Stripping in public!? ;]

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